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Brooklyn Children’s Museum utilizes Snug Play to embrace children of all abilities.
Brooklyn Children’s Museum embraces children of all abilities. The Sensory Room is an inclusive space where children with special needs can engage and explore their senses. The interactive equipment provides a multisensory experience with visual, auditory, tactile, vestibular, and gross motor activities. This room provides a welcoming environment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).
Rooftop Garden Encourages Healing at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger
As most parents of a sick child know hospitals are a difficult place for a young child to be a kid. Children’s Hospital at Erlanger does a better job than most at improving this environment by creating themed murals on each of the pediatric floors and whimsical, colorful, hand painted ceiling tiles with familiar cartoon character images. Despite the playful facades, Wallis Davies, child life director at Children’s Hospital, recognized that these kids needed something more, so she focused her efforts on finding a sanctuary where both children and their families could go for a much needed respite from the typical cold and sterile hospital environment.
Snug Play Debuts in the US
Snug Debuts Snug Play USA received a great response recently during it's debut at two national conferences, the National Recreation and Parks Association Congress and Expo, and the National Association of Early Years Conference. Parks department employees, teachers and students were all able to see, touch, and learn about our exciting play product while in our booth. The booth instantly invited people in with it's white shag carpet, and grabbed the attention of visitors with the vibrant product colors, TV monitors showing videos of the product, and our "Stress Bump" give-aways. Attendees at NRPA were also able to see live demonstrations of Snug Play being used by local students from the FAIR School in Downtown Minneapolis during select show hours. A special thank you again to all who came by our booth.
Snug at Creative Discovery Museum
A Special Event at the Creative Discovery Museum - Chattanooga, Tennessee Inspired by their mutually shared commitment to inclusive play, Creative Discovery Museum and Snug partnered to host a special event showcasing a new concept in play on Thursday August 19th. The family event was held for local children of all abilities to be a part of an inclusive play experience and for evaluators from the National Lekotek Center to conduct a comprehensive product evaluation of one of PlayCore’s newest product lines, Snug Play USA. The report will capture the benefits of the product and outline how it rates in the areas of cognitive, sensory, communication, social, and physical development for children with special needs. The AblePlay™ rating system was developed by Lekotek and is considered the leading authority on products surrounding play for children with disabilities. Creative Discovery Museum is recognized as one of the top children’s museums in the nation. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to educational enrichment for children age’s 4-months to 12-years-old through interactive, hands-on experiences that foster creative and critical thinking. Creative Discovery Museum focuses on a broad range of areas encompassed by Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Technology and the Sciences.
Creative Discovery Museum’s Rooftop Has Snug Play Equipment
With loops, bumps, waves, and noodles, guests of Creative Discovery Museum are invited to expand their imaginations in unexpected ways using Snug, innovative types of play pieces from England. Snug will be featured in the Museum’s Rooftop Fun Factory through Monday, Sept. 6, 2010. Designed to encourage social interaction, creativity, and active play, the Snug pieces allow children to build their own imaginative landscapes while establishing developmental skills such as vocabulary, cooperation and responsibility. Before arriving in Chattanooga, the pieces were similarly displayed in Chicago.
1st School in US
The 1st Snug School in the USAThe first school in the United States to use a Snug Play USA system was the Bright School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Bright School is an independent school serving students from pre-kindergarten through 5th grade. The Bright School was identified as an initial test site and partnership for feedback because the school is committed to “creating learning environment designed to stimulate critical thinking, creative inquiry, and intellectual achievement.” PlayCore partnered with Bright to get critical feedback on how Snug Play USA will benefit children in learning environments in the United States.
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Snug Play is a radical new approach to play spaces that is changing the way children play and develop. Snug Play systems consist of a family of large-scale, manipulative loose-play elements that children can use separately or together in endless configurations. Children can create a dynamic and exciting play space where they can actively have fun, explore, and learn. Facilitators can use Snug Play as a creative learning resource to extend classroom learning. Requiring no installation, the Snug Play elements combine soft and rigid surfaces for a tactile play experience that is durable and weather-resistant.
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