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Snug Play is a versatile learning resource supporting creative play and extending classroom learning. It addresses individual learning styles with hands-on opportunities for visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and multi-sensory learners.

Play Inspiration activity cards were created by educators through observations of children in Pre-K through 5th grade using Snug Play in a variety of settings. Whether in free-play or semi-structured play, facilitators can offer simple prompts to further inspire or extend children’s learning through play.

All ten Play Inspiration activity cards are included with every purchase.

Ages and Stages of Play
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Play Inspiration Activity Cards
 Team Building  Community
 Storytelling  Responsibility
 Habitat Creations  Around the World
 Challenge Course  Cooperative Games
 Math Patterns
 Art, Design, and Innovation
Snug Play enhances learning in these subject areas
 Science  Creative Arts
 Math  Social Studies
 Language/Literacy  Character Education
 Physical Education
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Snug Play is a radical new approach to play spaces that is changing the way children play and develop. Snug Play systems consist of a family of large-scale, manipulative loose-play elements that children can use separately or together in endless configurations. Children can create a dynamic and exciting play space where they can actively have fun, explore, and learn. Facilitators can use Snug Play as a creative learning resource to extend classroom learning. Requiring no installation, the Snug Play elements combine soft and rigid surfaces for a tactile play experience that is durable and weather-resistant.
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