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The Bright School
Chattanooga, Tennessee
The Bright School in Chattanooga, Tennessee was the first school in the United States to use the Snug Play system. PlayCore collected feedback from their classroom teachers, P.E. teachers, administrators, parents, and students. They quickly realized that Snug Play was beneficial in providing multisensory experiences, promoting understanding of academic concepts, encouraging imagination, expanding vocabulary,
and increasing physical activity.
The Chicago Children's Museum
Chicago, Illinois

Run, romp, skip, and scamper into the ultimate indoor adventure! Move, Chicago Children’s Museum’s newest exhibit is sure to get your heart and imagination racing.

Move features a host of unique, large-scale components you can twist, turn, and connect to create a space just right for any activity. Work on your own or with others to construct a one=of-a-kind indoor playscape. Will it be an obstacle course? Maybe it’s a spaceship. With limitless combinations and endless possibilities, each visit is sure to be even more exhilerating than the last.
The Creative Discovery Museum
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Inspired by their mutually-shared commitment to inclusive play, Creative Discovery Museum and PlayCore partnered to host a special event showcasing a new concept in play. The family event was held for local children of all abilities to be a part of an inclusive play experience and for evaluators from the National Lekotek Center to conduct a comprehensive product evaluation of one of PlayCore’s newest product lines, Snug Play USA. The report will capture the benefits of the product and outline how it rates in the areas of cognitive, sensory, communication, social, and physical development for children with special needs. The AblePlay™ rating system was developed by Lekotek and is considered the leading authority on products surrounding play for children with disabilities.

The Creative Discovery Museum is recognized as one of the top children’s museums in the nation. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to educational enrichment for children age’s 4-months to 12-years-old through interactive, hands-on experiences that foster creative and critical thinking. Creative Discovery Museum focuses on a broad range of areas encompassed by Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Technology and the Sciences.
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Snug Play is a radical new approach to play spaces that is changing the way children play and develop. Snug Play systems consist of a family of large-scale, manipulative loose-play elements that children can use separately or together in endless configurations. Children can create a dynamic and exciting play space where they can actively have fun, explore, and learn. Facilitators can use Snug Play as a creative learning resource to extend classroom learning. Requiring no installation, the Snug Play elements combine soft and rigid surfaces for a tactile play experience that is durable and weather-resistant.
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